About Candidate



I am Orlando Dozier and I am running for the Oxnard City Council.  I am a US Air Force 

military retiree with 20 years of honorable active duty service.

I am married to my beautiful wife for 25 years and we have one son attending Ventura Community College.

I have the commitment, skills and experience to:

  • Make responsible decisions that balance budgets and cut waste
  • Identify and correct financial material weaknesses in City Hall
  • Encourage transparency and citizen monitoring of city expenditures
  • Support our police and firefighters to keep our community safe 
  • Support locally owned small businesses
  • Improve our environment and protect our unique neighborhoods 
  • Continuously work hard to improve the quality of life for all residents

 I have lived in Oxnard for 10 years and served our community as:

  • Oxnard City Planning Commissioner (Current)
  • Chairman, Oxnard City Community Relations Commission 
  • Oxnard City Community Relations Commissioner 
  • RiverPark Neighborhood Council Member 
  • Secretary, RiverPark Market Street Homeowners Association
  • Parent Teacher Student Association Member 

I have nearly 30 years of work experience with managing taxpayers (federally appropriated funds) dollars as a Program Analyst, Budget Analyst, Financial Analyst, and Cost & Schedule Analyst working for the US Air Force, US Navy, and Lockheed Martin Corp.  I have a Bachelors of Art degree in History from the University of Maryland, and 3 Associate Degrees in Technical Management, Financial Management, and Business Management.  I lived 12 years in various European countries to include Germany, England, and Italy and I speak advance level German as a second language. 

Orlando Dozier

Oxnard City Council Candidate